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LexiShield reduces ball impact to the forehead. “When impacted with a lacrosse ball on position 19 (forehead) at 80 mph, the helmet with the shield performed 65% better.”* LexiShield is an easy to install impact shield now available for standard Lacrosse Helmet models.

*Independently tested by HP White

The Story

When lacrosse Coach and entrepreneur Hervie Lamb learned that his 18 year old, All Conference First Team goalie, Lexi Bucko had suffered three concussions resulting from hits to the forehead, he decided to do something about it. He invented LexiShield.

Trusted by the professionals

"Rob Harris, Head Coach for Women's Lacrosse at Davenport University, and I agreed to purchase two sets of LexiShields...Both of our goalies suffered concussions last season and we want to be proactive with them during the upcoming spring season"

"Goalies LOVE the LexiShield and said they will use for practice/scrimmage!"

Rom Elwell, Goalie Coach for Women's Lacrosse Program at Michigan's Davenport University - 2016 NAIA and NWLL National Champions! Director of Women’s Goaltending at 6x6 Goalie Academy.

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